Verse of the Day:

For he will rescue you from the hunter’s trap and from the deadly pestilence. – Psalms 91:3

About Us

Who We Are

Christ the Messiah-Jax is a growing body of healthy Christ-followers with beautifully blended traditions of worship.

We are a loving and diverse, trans-generational, multicultural congregation.

We have a deep appreciation for the historic Reformation and celebrate that heritage through weekly communion. 

We fully embrace the refreshing, prophetic, biblically-anchored, vibrant ministry of the Holy Spirit in our services.

We enjoy a symphony of musical worship experiences from hymns to the anointed contemporary sounds of praise. 

We hold to a high view of both the Tanach (OT) and Apostolic Scriptures (NT) and strive to be a biblically literate congregation.

We enjoy connecting to and fellowshipping those in the Body of Christ who love the Hebrew roots to the Historic Christian Faith.

In summary, we are a loving and evangelical fellowship; diverse, trans-generational, sacramental, prophetic, contemporary worshiping, and a Messianic-appreciating congregation of Christ-Followers who recognizes the entire Bible as inspired and the only true and faithful guide for life and doctrine


What to Expect

PRAYER- There will be seasons of prayer; formal and spontaneous, prayers of confession, the Lord’s Prayer, prayers for the sick, needy, and troubled.

PRAISE- Worship will include a wide-range of styles, tempos, and themes; from hymns to contemporary praise music.

PREACHING- Proclamation of the Word is a central component to our worship experience at CMC-Jax. The preaching and teaching are vibrant, enthusiastic, relevant, doctrinally sound, and supported by ample references to the Bible; Old Testaments (Tanach and Brit Chadashah).

PROPHETIC- We believe in the active participation of the Holy Spirit in our services. Personal testimonies may be shared with the congregation. We allow for the function of the spiritual gifts during the service, given they are scriptually sound and Bible-based.

GIVING- Out of gratitude for God’s generosity we practice biblical giving; tithing, offerings, and alms, special offerings (taken for the needy).

COMMUNION- The Lord’s Table is a special time of reflection, confession and personal soul-searching; a time to incorporate into or lives those things the Holy Spirit has been emphasizing throughout the service.

MESSIANIC- You may recognize several Messianic components during our service; we symbolically open our services with the blowing of the ram’s horn or shofar, we conclude our time with the mmost ancient prayer of blessing, known as the Aaronic Blessing.